Friday, January 10, 2014

Human Rights School

Youth Initiative (YI) is a youth organization working for the capacity development of youths in Nepal. Today, YI is one of the leading youth organizations working in the field of youth empowerment, strengthening of student and youth politics, promotion of civic engagement, democratization and human rights. Youth initiative is an initiative by and for young people to develop to their fullest potential and bring about positive change in the societies they live. YI envisions a situation where young people are involved, valued and listened to, where they feel safe and are safe, and where they can develop their potentials to the fullest. YI strives to inform young people of global, national and local issues of their concern, empower them as groups of a critical mass, and involve them in governance of political and social institutions at national and sub-national levels. 

Human Rights School is a program that envisions a forum for young and dynamic youth to groom themselves as Human rights activist exploring knowledge, information and scope of work of HR in the changed context of Nepal. Ignited with preliminary orientation on HR, youth will engage themselves in depth study and research through indoor study session and exposure visit to institutions working on HR issues. During the schooling, youths will work out to explore information on different HR conventions and treaties, conventions and treaties adopted by Nepal, policy research of Nepal in connection with human rights protection under mentorship form YI. Also, participants will make a thorough study on Human rights implementation status in Nepal and make an assessment on the scope of engagement for young people to promote human rights in Nepal.

Human Rights school aims to engage youth in depth study of national and international conventions and provision of human rights issues. Also, To watch closely the implementation status of human rights from the perspective of young people and groom youths as ‘watch dog' in our community and help different government and non-government agencies like NHRC to improvise the situation of human rights. Following points can be highlighted as concrete objectives;
  • Broader understanding on HR issues, HR adoptions and treaties/guidelines/policies ratified by Nepal government among young people.
  • Identify the major HR related problems in our community and the ways to tackle them.
  • Develop youths as ‘watch-dog'.
  • Evaluate the present status of HR in Nepal.
  • Scope out rooms for improvement at policy level and implementation level.


YI is promoting its value of youth's definition from the age group of 16 to 29 years. HR school is also intended for the youths of age group 16 to 29 years. Each batch of HR school will include 20 promising youths who are passionate of enriching their knowledge in HR issues.


Duration of HR school: 4 weeks
Working days: 2 days per week (Saturday and Sunday), 4 hrs. per day.

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Those interested are requested to send their Application at by 14th of January 2014 | 1700hrs


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